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Sound insulation for room acoustics and technical acoustics direct and cheap from the manufacturer
In our Online Shop you will find highly effective acoustic elements for every use. As sound insulation, aixFOAM sound absorbers bring more ambience to living and working areas, as well as to leisure and gastronomy areas. As noise insulation, the absorbers ensure more peace and less noise from machinery, vehicles or appliances. In order to simplify the choice, we have divided our products into different categories. With free advice from our experts, we also support you when planning your soundproofing and help you find the optimum sound absorbers.
  • Sound insulation direct from the manufacturer
  • Best quality "Made in Germany"
  • Individual production in a few days
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified

Colourful is beautiful.

Discover aixFOAM door insulation sets in 20 attractive colours and block out noise

The most effective soundproofing ever

Our aixFOAM Premium absorbers with Fire Protection Plus allow you to redefine soundproofing.

The right frame for your acoustics

Effective sound insulation as beautiful and flexible as never before - with aixFOAM acoustic frames

We love and live acoustics.

Who is behind aixFOAM? Lights! Camera! Action! - Let us take you behind the scenes and give you a glimpse of our daily work.

Low frequencies firmly under control

Discover our all-rounder absorber against bad bass sound - for the best sound, without compromise.

Working at home in peace

Discover our aixFOAM sound absorbers for your home office.

Individual service requests

Are you a major customer? Do you need different delivery quantities than in the shop? Do you have special requirements for packaging or special shipping and delivery conditions? Talk to us!

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